Being called an "Underdog" will just make me work harder

Briefings: In 2nd Hampden, A Werder in Edgewise…

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Werder up! (via Facebook/Werder campaign)

JAN 19, 2018 

The Pioneer Valley’s first legislative contest formally began today with a Republican announcing her bid for a Democrat-held seat. Allison Werder, the former President of Masslive, launched her campaign for the 2ndHampden House District Thursday.  The move comes several weeks after opening a campaign account and a coy statement about her intentions.

To win, Werder will need to knock off Brian Ashe, who is seeking a sixth term in the well-to-do district running along the Connecticut border. In a biographical press release, Werder pitched her business background and community activities. However, she enters as an underdog. The prevailing political winds do not favor Republicans now, especially in suburban districts such as hers.

“I believe I have the drive, the professional experience and the commitment to community that will enable me to get things done for Western Mass,” she said in her release.

Although her political boosters have called Werder a moderate or even liberal Republican, she is running in the kind of district abandoning the GOP in droves. Wealthier suburban areas, which recoiled from Donald Trump in 2016, have begun sprinting way. Longmeadow itself, once the paradigm of Republican suburban dominance, has developed a healthy blue color since the millennium began. . .